We have a plastic problem. Ever wonder how many plastic bottles you use in a year? (Spoiler alert: It's probably way more than you think!). The thing is, those bottles don't just disappear. It's everywhere—in our oceans, clogging our landfills, and seriously messing with our planet. 

That's what got us thinking—there has to be a better way. So, we're on a mission to ditch plastic for good, and we want to share everything we're learning. 

Want to know how we're ditching plastic and making a difference? Read on!

The Problem with Plastic

Think about how much plastic we use every single day. Water bottles, food packaging, the bags our groceries come in... it's everywhere! The thing is, we make a crazy amount of plastic each year, and sadly, a massive chunk of it ends up where it shouldn't.

The worst part? Most of this plastic doesn't just magically disappear. It hangs around for hundreds, even thousands of years, clogging up landfills and polluting our beautiful planet. And it's not just about how it looks—plastic breaks down into these tiny pieces called microplastics. These get into our oceans, our food, and even the air we breathe.

Our oceans are seriously struggling. Plastic waste traps and hurts marine animals, and all those microplastics are messing with the delicate balance of whole ocean ecosystems. It's a domino effect that impacts everything from the smallest fish to whales and, ultimately, us too.

Let's face it: we need to rethink our relationship with plastic. It's time to make some changes!

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We've realised that being part of the problem is simply not an option. That's why we're committed to getting rid of plastic and making a real difference. 

Our commitment to sustainability isn't just a slogan—it's tied into everything we do. Here are some of the specific ways we're tackling plastic waste within our company and beyond:

Product Design

Our mantra is “less is more.” And when it comes to packaging, we're all about keeping it simple! Our products arrive ready for action, with just the essentials for safe shipping and the need-to-know info. We love using recycled stuff in our packaging and sometimes even in the products themselves—recycled cardboard or plastics getting a cool new life.  

Plus, we make sure the packaging is easy peasy to recycle. No more wrestling with weird plastic wrap or hidden layers. Just toss it in the bin! Our products are built tough and designed to replace a whole army of those flimsy disposables. 

Why buy something new every week when you can have reusable products like Earths Bottle product that's got your back for years? 

Sourcing and Partnerships

We're picky about who we work with—our suppliers have to care about the planet as much as we do! We're always on the lookout for partners who are as obsessed with doing away with plastic as we are. 

We grill them on where they get their materials, how they handle waste, and whether they have a secret stash of plastic wrap hidden under their desk. We want partners who are always game to brainstorm new ways to shrink our plastic footprint, from the factory floor to your doorstep.

Closed-Loop Thinking

Okay, we get that even our super durable Earths Bottle products won't last literally forever (but they'll come pretty darn close!). That's why we're scheming up ways to give them a new lease on life even after they've seen better days. 

We're talking take-back programs where those well-loved bottles and lunchboxes can be returned. Imagine them getting broken down and transformed into something new and awesome—maybe even a future Earths Bottle product!  

It's like the circle of life but for reusable stuff. We're committed to making sure our products never end up clogging a landfill.


We're not just about selling awesome lunch boxes and reusable bottles, you know. We want to shake things up and be part of a plastic-free revolution! That means we're getting loud and proud about supporting campaigns that fight plastic pollution head-on. 

We're also not afraid to give those policymakers a nudge (or a good shove!) to make laws that actually care about our planet.

We'll amplify the good fights, rally the troops, and make sure the fight against plastic waste is impossible to ignore. Because let's be real, letting go of plastic for good won't happen by asking nicely—it's about making some noise!

The Impact of Our Efforts

While our journey is far from over, we're proud of the difference we're making. Here's how your support of Earths Bottle and the sustainable movement ripples outwards:

Plastic Waste Diversion

Every single time you refill your Earths Bottle, you're saying "no" to a potentially landfilled or ocean-bound plastic bottle. That might seem like a small act, but here's the magic—it adds up in a big way!

Let's do some quick math: Say you use your Earths Bottle to stay hydrated throughout a typical work week. That's five refills, saving five single-use plastic bottles from entering the waste stream. Multiply that by a year, and you've diverted 260 plastic bottles from potentially polluting our environment. Now multiply that by your entire office, school, or even your neighbourhood. The impact becomes truly staggering.

But it's not just about landfills. Discarded plastic bottles also wreak havoc on our oceans and natural environments. They can strangle wildlife, leach harmful chemicals, and disrupt entire ecosystems. By choosing a reusable Earths Bottle, you're helping to keep our oceans and lands plastic-free, protecting the incredible biodiversity of our planet.

The Ripple Effect

Your Earths Bottle is more than just a way to carry your drink and food. It's a statement, a conversation starter, and a walking billboard for sustainability. When you carry it to work, take it to the gym, or use it on a picnic, you tell the world you care about reducing waste.

People notice. They might see your bottle and think, "Hey, I could do that too!" They might ask where you got it, opening up a conversation about abandoning those single-use bottles. Even if it's just a subtle shift in someone's thinking, you've planted a seed of change. You never know who you might be influencing!

How You Can Join the Movement

Ready to ditch plastic for good and be part of the solution? Here's how you can make a difference starting today! 

First, grab your trusty Earths Bottle and make it your go-to for drinks, snacks, and on-the-go meals. Next, spread the word! Share your love for Earths Bottle with friends, family, and coworkers—your enthusiasm is contagious.  

Get active on social media using hashtags that promote ditching plastic. Support other businesses that are committed to sustainability—shop local, choose eco-friendly brands, and make your voice heard.  

Remember, even small changes add up. Every reusable bottle and lunch box, every time you say “no” to a plastic straw, and every time you inspire someone else to join the cause—that's how we'll create a wave of change together!

We know this is a journey, not an overnight fix. But we're determined to make progress and lead by example. 

So, what’s your next step?