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    Pack Delicious and Nutritious Lunches with our Lunch Boxes

    Lunchtime should be fun, and yum! We don’t want you compromising this midday meal because of soggy sandwiches and lukewarm lunches. That’s why we designed a collection of lunch boxes for every taste, lifestyle, and dietary need. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Lunch boxes are nice, right? You might have questions still, but that’s fine. We've compiled the common questions we’ve received, from size and features to cleaning hacks. So, settle in and learn more about us below:

    • Is your food lunch box leak-proof?

      Yes! We know how crucial it is that our food is not only delectable but also packaged nicely and properly. When we designed our lunch boxes, we considered the time you spend at work and the importance of enjoying healthy homemade meals. That’s why we equipped our leak-proof lunch box with a silicone lid and airtight seal. 

      This combination keeps your food fresh and spill-free, preventing leaks and locking in flavours.

    • Is your lunch box set microwavable?

      Not all of our lunch box sets are microwaveable, but many are! Here’s a breakdown of the best lunch box for microwave use based on its type:

      Stainless steel lunch box set: This set is generally safe for reheating food in the microwave. You can always check the manufacturer’s instructions for temperature limitations and potential staining.

      Glass containers within the set: Lunch box glass containers with lids are designed for microwave use. Just make sure that the lids are microwave-safe. Vent it properly to avoid pressure buildup.

      Specific “microwave-safe” lunch boxes: We have cute lunch boxes that we explicitly label as microwave-safe. These are your safest bet for reheating your food directly in the box.

      Not microwavable:

      Insulated lunch box: The insulation materials in this type, even the small insulated lunch box, might not withstand the heat and could damage the product or even pose safety risks. So, this is a major NO-NO!

      Lunch bag: This is for storing and carrying food, not reheating. 

      As an additional reminder, always check the specific product information and manufacturer’s instructions. If you’re unsure, trust your guts and don’t do it. Use a different method to heat your food. Also, always remove any microwave-safe components, including lids or plastic containers. 

      After reheating the food, let it cool for a few moments before consuming it, especially in an insulated lunch box or stainless steel, as it can retain heat. You don’t want to burn your tongue.

    • Is your stackable lunch box safe for kids?

      We have always considered the safety of your little ones when we produced the line of our best lunch box. Since we have several options with different features and benefits, the “safe for kids” answer depends on a few factors:

      Age of your kid: For preschoolers and kindergarteners, you should prioritise single-tier, cute lunch boxes with large, easy-to-open compartments. This will make it less frustrating for their small hands and avoid choking hazards from smaller compartments. 

      Their needs change as these kids grow and enter the elementary and upper groups. The multi-tier stackable options can be great for older kids who pack different lunches. They would probably opt for an aesthetic lunch box, too!

      Kid-friendly materials: We introduce food-grade and BPA-free plastics in every lunch box. Doing this means that your child’s food stays free from microplastic invaders.

      Mess-Proof Concerns: We have a leak-proof lunch box, but it’s always a good decision to choose one that would suit your kid’s needs. If they often eat wet foods like dips and soups, get a large lunch box with silicone and secure closures. 

      Purchase a small lunch box for your kids to make sure it’s safe.

    • Do I need an insulated lunch box?

      It depends. An insulated lunch box keeps your food cold or hot, perfect for winter days or picnics. Are you packing room-temperate foods? If yes, then a non-insulated lunch box might be enough. Before deciding, consider the climate and how long your lunch period will be.

    • How can I make lunchtime exciting and fun for my kid?

      Creativity is key! You’re lucky we have cute lunch boxes; you already have a headstart. Watch short meal preparation videos online and learn how to cut fun-shaped sandwiches, fruits, and veggies. Invest in cookie cutters or food picks to add a whimsy touch. You can also add inspiring notes or jokes–that will make up your kid’s day.

    • How do I keep my work lunch box clean and odour-free?

      It doesn’t matter if you have a stylish lunch box. If it’s dirty–together with the lunch bag– then that’s still gross. Who would want to eat in a lunch box that smells like tuna salad from yesterday, right? Definitely not us. 

      Here’s how you can keep your box fee, whether it’s a salad lunch box or a meal prep lunch box:

      Frequency: Washing your work lunch box should be part of your daily to-do list, even if it’s the best-insulated lunch box. Regular washing is necessary, especially if you have perishable or messy foods. 

      Method: Use warm, soapy water and dishcloth or soft sponge. Check the areas that trap food residue–the crevices, corners, and lids. Don’t forget to wash the movable compartments or inserts. 

      Drying: Air dry your lunch box completely before storing or packing the food again. A damn environment can be a breeding ground for mould and bacteria. If you have a short time, grab a kitchen towel and remove the excess moisture before air drying completely. 

    • Can I put hot soup in my lunch box?

      Absolutely! However, a standard lunch box won't keep your soup hot for long. To make sure that your favourite soups stay piping hot and mess-free until lunchtime, you need the best-insulated lunch box with a leakproof container. Go for the size–a small or large lunch box– that fits how much soup you’ll sip that day. 

      Here's another tip: while it's the lunch box that keeps the food warm, pre-cooling helps to make sure it stays at a safe and enjoyable temperature come lunchtime. You can place it inside a refrigerator for 30 minutes to an hour.

    • Do you have a lunch box for specific diets?

      Yes! Most people are on different diets. Packaging hearty and leafy meals with the right lunch box will never be difficult. 

      First, identify your diet. What food group are you currently dealing with?

      We have a leak-proof lunch box with compartments and secure closures for allergy-conscious individuals. These features keep even the smallest allergens safe and separated. It also helps prevent cross-contamination. 

      We also have a small lunch box, ideal for individuals packing snacks, making portion control, and managing allergens. 

      We have a large lunch box with several compartments for individuals following specific diets like paleo, keto, or vegan. If you are part of this group, you can pack different food groups while keeping them fresh and organised. 

      For example, you can pack your leafy greens and dressings on one side and then keep the nuts and other ingredients on the other. Our large lunch box also sports a leak-proof seal to prevent spills during transport.

    • Why should I buy your meal prep lunch box?

      Here’s why a simple reusable meal prep lunch box can be the change you’re looking for this year:

      Portion control has never been easier. Having pre-portioned meals helps maintain a balanced diet and stay away from the temptation of overeating. Just don’t go for the second round after devouring what's inside your lunch bag.  

      Packing lunch is cheaper than takeouts or pre-made meals. It also gives you greater control over spending and choosing cost-effective ingredients. 

      One reusable lunch box equals disposables that never ended in roads and landfills. Many local businesses also fight for the environment, making eco-friendly materials to reduce environmental waste. 

      Convenience and flexibility should be the middle names of a lunch box. Packing lunches on weekends or evenings can save you time in the morning rush. There would also be no more scrambling for last-minute solutions when hunger strikes.

    • Is your lunchbox dishwasher-safe?

      Our stainless steel set lunch box is dishwasher-safe. Just remove any silicone or accessories before tossing it to the top rack. Now, watch your dishwasher do the magic. If you don’t trust us, you can double-check the care instructions on your specific mode. 

      On the other side of the rings are the easy-clean plastics. They are also dishwasher-safe, but then again, check the label if unsure. Do not use harsh detergents to keep them looking their best, even after two years or more. 

      Now, for the lunch box that needs to dodge the dishwasher, let's start with the wooden wonder and some insulated models. These beauties need handwashing rather than a whirlpool. 

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