At Earth Bottles, we take pride in bringing you the best designed and engineered products in the industry.

Our warranties by product line:

Water Bottles (Plastic) - 12 months


Cups - 12 months



AUSTRALIAN WARRANTY FOR DOMESTIC RESIDENTIAL USE (eg. Homes, units, apartments, townhouses, etc)

Earth Bottles warrants that the following products manufactured by Earth Bottles and supplied in Australia by an authorised Earth Bottles supplier and used for domestic residential purposes only will be free from defects in materials and workmanship of the products subject to the below conditions.

All warranties are subject to the normal terms and conditions as listed with that product on the website or contained within the packaging of the product.

You are entitled to have the goods or parts of the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and a failure occurs. This warranty will not cover any damage to the product due to misuse, negligence, improper installation, inadequate maintenance or other abuse or misuse.

The benefits offered by this warranty are in addition to your rights and remedies under the Australian Consumer Law. Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law.


This warranty does not cover:

  1. any defect caused by or resulting from misuse, abuse or neglect, accidental damage, improper installation;
  2. defects caused by or resulting from installation of product in situations outside of its normal use;
  3. any condition resulting from incorrect or inadequate maintenance or care;
  4. any defect resulting from other than ordinary residential wear or any use for which the product was not intended, such as use in rental or contract trade;
  5. damage resulting from misuse, abuse, negligence, accidents or dropping of products;
  6. dissatisfaction due to buyer’s remorse;
  7. any defect resulting normal wear and tear from regular use of the products;
  8. any defect to consumable parts like rubber seals, O-rings and filter cartridges;
  9. products that are replacements for a prior warranty claim;
  10. any used, previously displayed items. Only the original purchaser may invoke a warranty claim. The warranty is non-transferrable;
  11. any defects or damage arising from not following our recommended filter cartridge schedule and/or purchasing non-authentic Earth Bottles filter cartridges;
  1. any defect or damage caused by or resulting from the effects of hard water, inadequate flushing of system, or failure to clean and replace water tanks or other alterations or modifications which affect the reliability or performance of the product;
  2. damage to finishes by dishwashers, epoxies, adhesives, harsh cleansers or sealants;
  3. the effects of poor water quality and chemical attack which will affect the longevity of the product;
  4. any defect caused by an act, default or omission of, or any representation made by, any person other than Earth Bottles or an employee or agent of Earth Bottles.


To claim under this warranty:

  1. contact either Earth Bottles or the authorised Earth Bottles supplier from whom the product was purchased.
  2. provide proof of purchase (such as a copy of the purchase receipt) prior to the inspection of the product;
  3. provide all known relevant details of the model, finish and nature of the problem to assist with the identification and rectification of any fault with photos as evidence;
  4. make an arrangement with Earth Bottles to have the product returned and inspected.
  5. once the return is received, we will inspect the product and you will be notified via email of the assessment and solution.


In many cases, we can send out replacement parts or troubleshoot any issues without you having to return the item to us. We will not be liable for the return shipping costs for returns that have not been authorised.

Earth Bottles reserve the right to request return of faulty products for inspection prior to a service being undertaken for the warranty request.

Earth Bottles reserves the sole right to determine whether a product contains any defects in materials or workmanship covered by this warranty.