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    Why Customers ❤️ Earth Bottles

    400+    5-star reviews

    The most aesthetically pleasing way to nurture yourself and help the environment. I do not think 5 stars can sum up my ABSOLUTE happiness with this water! The water is refreshing, and beautiful design and I feel so good about finally cutting plastic from my life! Do not hesitate to make this investment.


    I love the filter water dispenser because It’s beautiful on my counter, the water tastes delicious and I don’t have to buy any water at the store anymore. Plus, I can use this water for everything now.


    I bought this a couple of years ago for the office. It is used by 25+ people daily with zero issues. We like it so much most of us have bought one for home!


    I won't lie I hate to write reviews. However, I cannot leave this filter without a review. I usually buy water from supermarkets. The pH of the water is 6 considered acidic. Now, putting the water into this glass filter, increases the ph 6 to 9.87. I am very satisfied with my purchase. The filter is beautiful, I love the fact that it's bamboo. I am in love with this filter and happy to know that my family and I are drinking this water, which is very good for healthy living.


    The water tastes great! And it's much more beautiful in person :) I’ve had it for about a year and a half now and it works great, I love it 🥰😁.


    We love this filter! We all think it takes great! I have been suffering from acid reflux for a couple of years. Since I’ve been drinking this water for about a month, it has disappeared! I highly recommend it!


    This water filter is God send! The water tastes amazing, it looks beautiful on my counter, it filters quickly, and it yields a lot of water! You won't regret this purchase.


    Join Our Mission: Greener Brew with Reusable Coffee Cups

    It does not matter if you’re a hot or cold brew person. You send waves of positive impact whenever you sip from your reusable mugs. That’s the magic of choosing our products like ours–a small act with a mighty story to tell.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Before committing yourself to the world of reusables, this is the last step to take before reading the frequently asked questions. Check out this pool of new learnings and uncover the perfect non-disposable cup for you:

    • What are the different materials used in reusable coffee cups?

      Most people have been asking this, and our answer has stayed the same since. The most common materials of our coffee cup, sustainable and stylish, are:

      Stainless Steel: The king of the reusable world–durable and keeps your drinks hot or cold for hours. Some have double-walled insulation for extra temperature magic. But be warned that its great power comes with more weight and a pricier tag.

      Glass: This is the stylish, easy-to-clean, and taste-neutral option. Some are double-walled for insulation, but be careful. Clumsiness has no room for this material.

      Insulated Plastic: This lightweight and affordable option comes with decent insulation. Make sure it’s BPA-free and food-grade plastic. Remember that durability is not its forte, so treat an insulated cup with more care.

      Bamboo: The sustainable choice–lightweight and naturally antibacterial. But this is not heat-resistant and requires some special cleaning techniques.

      Silicone: The shapeshifter of the pack–it’s collapsible and portable, ready for any temperature change. Just be mindful of the staining and potential odour absorption.

    • How do I clean and care for my non-disposable coffee cups?

      The principle of cleaning your reusable coffee cups remains the same–remove the residue to prevent bacterial growth. But the best approach depends on the product’s material. 

      For dishwasher-safe reusable coffee cup, like stainless steel, use a mild detergent and avoid harsh abrasive sponges. It is also best to wash it with warm, soapy water and a soft sponge. Don’t forget to check the lid’s nooks and crannies. 

      You can mix baking soda with water to form a paste if there are stubborn stains or odours. Then, scrub the inside gently. You might have also seen Reels and Shorts showing the magic of vinegar-water (1:1) solution. Lastly, air dry both the cup and lid to prevent rust. 

      For a bamboo coffee cup, handwash with soapy water and avoid soaking! Dry it thoroughly.

    • Are reusable coffee cups with lids expensive?

      The cost of non-disposable coffee cups is intimidating compared to the price of a disposable one. But we have a long list of reasons why our products are cost-effective in the long run.

      First, disposable cups per piece are cheap–maybe a few cents. You only use this once or twice (even thrice if you’re being frugal!). The total cost seems low initially, but those daily purchases add up quickly. A 25-cent cup, for example, will be $91.25 in a year and $460 in five years!

      With our product, even the large reusable coffee cup can save you a lot of money in five years.

    • Why should I switch to a reusable coffee mug?

      This is another list that we are willing to share with you, eco buddy! Aside from the stylish feature of our reusable smoothie cups and bamboo coffee cup, you should switch to reusable coffee cups based on these environmental reasons:

      Disposable coffee cups are bad news for landfills. Thinking about what we learned when we were kids, these plastics will take hundreds of years to decompose. They don’t biodegrade; they break down into microplastics that pollute air and water. But with your non-disposable coffee cups, you can prevent hundreds of these cups from ending in landfills.

      There are hidden environmental costs. It’s true that disposables are initially less expensive. But wait until Mother Earth issues a receipt with all hidden charges–ecological damage, resource depletion, and future clean-up efforts. With our reusable travel cup, there are no hidden charges, only upfront ones.

    • Will coffee shops accept my small reusable coffee cup?

      The good news is the tide is turning green. More cafes and organisations recognise the Earth’s needs and consumers’ demand for non-disposable coffee cups–big or small. They even offer discounts and perks! 

      If you want to find a reusable-friendly cafe, you can always check their website and see if they are also an eco buddy. But remember that not all cafes are created equal. Some cafes might not be ready for reusables yet. Don’t worry; they’ll get there in time.

    • What is the best reusable coffee cup?

      The best reusable coffee cup is Earth Bottles (half kidding!). We understand that choosing the right one is not easy. You might get torn between the bamboo coffee cup or reusable coffee cups with lids. One thing is for sure: there is a coffee cup–sustainable, of course–that will satisfy your needs. 

      The stainless steel or glass will give you that pure coffee experience if you prioritise taste. But if you’re busy on the practical side, your best bet is the collapsible ones. 

      For adventure seekers, durability is kind, so stainless steel is. But for multi-taskers who want the hot and the cold, look for double-walled insulation materials.

      We also have a criterion for lid options. Reusable coffee cups with lids are also part of the selection. If you’re clumsy or a traveller, you need a cup with a secure screw-on or press-to-close lid. You can also choose a cup with a smaller opening to prevent heat loss or a wide mouth for easier cleaning.

      I hope you don’t get overwhelmed! Take your time because whatever reusable coffee mug you choose will be your partner in the following years.

    • What are the downsides of using a reusable coffee mug?

      We have discussed the good sides of switching or using reusable cups but haven’t dug deeper into their downsides. 

      Owning reusable smoothie cups or reusable coffee cups with straw requires cleaning after use. If you don’t, don’t be shocked if your mug has thriving bacteria and moulds, especially the bamboo coffee cup. Cleaning might seem like a chore if you’re in a rush. It is a good thing there are dishwasher-safe reusable coffee cups that can lessen the inconvenience of owning one.

      The next downside of using reusable mugs is bringing them with you. You have to plan out your and allot an extra space inside your bag. But if you like holding them, then there’s no problem.

    • Where can I dispose of my broken reusable cup?

      Thank you for thinking green and responsibly about disposing of your broken cup. 

      First, you must identify the materials of your broken cup because it will determine your disposal options. Check if it’s stainless steel, glass, ceramic, bamboo, or insulated plastics. Once identified, search whether these materials are recycling candidates. 

      Second, check for recycling programs in your area. Some brands offer take-back and recycling options. Visit the brand’s website or contact customer service to see if they accept broken cups for recycling. 

      Here is a general tip: for reusable coffee cups with straw and lids, remove them. Don’t forget to clean and dry your cup before recycling.

    • What about reusable straws? Are they necessary?

      Reusable straws are better options than disposable ones. However, it is not the ultimate solution. Yes, they lower plastic waste, which reduces pollution and resource depletion. 

      But remember, your focus should be on reusable cups before straw because cups are more waste generators. But if you need to use straw, choose responsibly and spread awareness about mindful consumption.

    • Can I customise my cup?

      Definitely! Forget generic and boring mugs. Your reusable coffee mugs are an extension of you, so don’t be scared to show your personality through them. Let your inner child loose with a sticker explosion, or decorate your cup with funny phrases and motivational quotes. There are no rules here; the world is your oyster. 

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