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Eco Water Bottles Unique, Beautiful and Functional

Earth Bottles boasts a unique range of insulated Eco Water Bottles and other Eco products designed by Australian artists and donates back to various charities. You can not only contribute to ridding our world of single-use plastics you will do it in style and know that your purchases have made a difference.

Earth Bottles includes a range of insulated reusable travel cups, insulated water bottles, reusable straw sets, reusable produce bags and more.

Our mission is to work for a safe environment by reducing the carbon emission rate, which is associated with the bottled water industry through imports & landfill waste.

We provide a complete range of alternative products to prevent the use of plastic products in Australia. Earth Bottles’ vision is simple to provide the service which helps the community, businesses aim to minimising their carbon footprint.

Earth Bottles in 100% Australian owned and operated.

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