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Our story


A pursuit to bring more mindful merchandise to the stands of musicians turned into a thriving operation to arrest a rising global issue.

In 2014, musician, mother of two, wife to Blues musician Ash Grunwald and relentless ideas-machine, Danni Carr, sought to find new merchandise for her high-profile hubby; something practical for the planet as well as reflective of Ash’s earthy nature.

Many trips to Bali brought Danni face-to-face with the tragedy of single use plastics, something she’d become plagued by in her environment as well as in her thoughts. Not wanting to roll out just another water bottle, Danni delivered what would be the Earth Bottles masterstroke; a bottle of such calibre, in both design and quality, that it would move Earth Bottles beyond the market of just the conscious consumer, into a business model where fashion would play as powerful a part as function.

Within just a few months, the first 200 bottles featuring the faux-timber design that would make Earth Bottles famous - featuring Ash Grunwald’s famous logo - went up for sale on social media. Within several hours, Danni was out of stock. The Living End, followed by Nahko Medicine for the People, also added the Bottles to their merch stands taking Danni almost instantly (and inadvertently) to the crossroads of a burgeoning business - one that had potential to propagate real environmental change. More recently Bobby Alu, Ziggy Alberts and Midnight Oil took Earth Bottles out on the road with their own branded bottles too.

For many years Danni had been the sounding board for her husband’s many music business decisions and so too Ash became an important pair of ears within the operations of Earth Bottles. Sharing a strong ethos for a better world through mindful choices and determined action, together they have guided each other’s projects toward strong ethical contribution. With Ash a loud voice in the anti-CSG and anti-Adani movements along with Danni’s own fierce commitment to giving back, it was central that profits made by Earth Bottles would be shared with other organisations that worked tirelessly to better the quality of life for those suffering.

Through a personal family experience with the Breast Cancer Network, Danni was compelled to honour this brilliant organisation with a pink Earth Bottle; the first collaboration that would define Earth Bottles as an ethics organisation beyond it’s environmental commitment. The turquoise bottle would follow with Beyond Blue and the latest ‘Saltwater Dreamtime’ - a partnership with artist Zacahry Bennett-Brook - for Arnhem Land’s Hope forHealth; all collaborators receiving 25% of all wholesale profits from their specific bottles.

Earth Bottles also partner with Clean Coast Collective to fund beach clean-ups around the globe and all gift packs help support the Fifteen Trees organisation with 180 plants planted as a direct result of Earth Bottles to date.

From Earth Bottles came stainless steel straws, tea totties, the soon to be released Big Bertha as well as insulated food jars and at the top of the Earth Bottles tree, the exclusively designed Coffee Nut which would not only go on to be one of the most popular Earth Bottle items - saving the planet from an immeasurable mountain of throw-away cups - but also win the Life InStyle Eco award for it’s efforts. Made from only food grade stainless steel – something that set Earth Bottles apart from the get go – Earth Bottles manufacture from the highest standpoint, for the health of the planet, the consumer as well as those involved in production, having attained full certification through BSCI passing all industry standards of human treatment.

Danni Carr is an advocate and role model for the female platform of business – demanding of herself and others that her role as Mother, wife and woman be honoured first and foremost. With this in mind, at the very inception of Earth Bottles, Danni made the astute life/business decision to take on a full-time contractor to handle socials and sales, leaving Danni to manage the upper echelon of the ever-broadening company that was fast becoming a movement of change. Despite having no previous experience but brimming with infinite passion and aptitude, Danni brought on Briody Scholes as Earth Bottles Sales Manager. Briody has played a significant role in assisting Danni to define Earth Bottles as a ‘village-movement’ on a global level of conscious change. To summate her immense abilities, Danni says simply and in awe, ‘She is a Mother of 4, and an absolute freight train.’ Earth Bottles are not simply a stylish stroke of consciousness, they are about celebrating a way of life that orbits around love for Earth. They have the feel of a luxury item but are a bastion for more than we’re spoonfed. Earth Bottles represent the glorious, ever-expanding global community of individuals who understand that the real rebellion exists in every small daily decision made for right action.