Plastic Free Pledge Kit Valued at $279.60
Plastic Free Pledge Kit Valued at $279.60
Plastic Free Pledge Kit Valued at $279.60
Plastic Free Pledge Kit Valued at $279.60
Plastic Free Pledge Kit Valued at $279.60
Plastic Free Pledge Kit Valued at $279.60

Plastic Free Pledge Kit Valued at $279.60

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At Earth Bottles we try really hard to live a more plastic free lifestyle, we work on educating others on how to do the same and promote reusable over disposable.

In March 2018 our CEO Danni Carr took part in the Plastic Free Creatives session as part of the Emergence Creative Festival hosted in Margaret River, WA. 

Essentially a large group of people workshopped ideas of how to spread the message of plastic pollution and how to encourage people to go plastic free.  We came up with the slogan "Break up with plastic"  a play on words stemming from  the fact that plastic never breaks down it just breaks up in to micro plastics and that we need to give it away as a society.   

When only a fraction of plastics are actually being recycled and when are oceans and marine life are literally full of plastic it is time is to embark on our best efforts to not use plastics in the first place.  

We want to start a movement with the use of the hashtag  #breakupwithplastic and #plasticfreepledge.   We are asking people to "break up with plastic" and pledge to go plastic free by July 1st.

Introducing our 'Plastic Free Pledge Kit'. We are offering a MASSIVE 30% off the RRP of this awesome kit to help you begin your plastic free journey.

This kit offers:

1.  750ml PALE TIMBER Earth Bottle - this will help you to stop buying one time use plastic bottles

2. A 500ml PALE TIMBER Tea Totty - this is great to carry tea, soups and smoothies. 

3. A 10oz PALE TIMBER COFFEE NUT - offering you a cup to reuse instead of one time use coffee cups.

4. A 500ml PALE TIMBER Food Jar - a perfect thermos container for soups, salads, takeaway

5. Earth Bottles STAINLESS STEEL STRAW SET - this way you can say no to plastic straws

6. A pack of 3 HONEY BEE food wraps - the original honey bee wraps, use to cover food instead of the old glad wrap or A PACK of our PRODUCE BAGS 

7. GOT WOOD Bamboo Toothbrush - use a timber toothbrush because plastic toothbrushes suck!

8. 4 x Shopper EARTH BOTTLES SHOPPER BAGS - use these when you go shopping instead of grabbing a plastic bag.

9. A large coconut fibre BOTTLE CLEANING BRUSH - ditch the plastic one!!

 TOTAL VALUE $279.60 

This kit comes packaged in a recycled reusable gift box and will be sent to you pronto so you can begin your plastic free journey.

We are asking you when you buy this pack to document some of your plastic free journey on your social media by tagging @earthbottles and #plasticfreepledge #breakupwithplastic

Please make a NOTE upon checkout if you would like a different colour BOTTLE, COFFEE NUT or TEA TOTTY. 

No saltwater dreamtime bottles will be available with this pack



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