FREE THE REEF Earth Bottle 750ml

FREE THE REEF Earth Bottle 750ml


These 750ml Earth Bottles are individually laser etched to order with Aussie Artists Jess Leitmanis' 'Time for Change' piece for FREE THE REEF. All you need to do is choose your colour and we can do the rest. Earth Bottles will donate all proceeds of the sale from each bottle to help FREE THE REEF raise awareness about the threats to Great Barrier Reef.

About Free the Reef

'SMARTIVISM is the next level of collective change, conscious business (SMART), inspired artists (ARTISAN) and purposeful organisations (ACTIVISM) combine powers to cut through, raise funds and facilitate change.'

Join Free the Reef on a live screen printing tour, using the power of art to raise awareness about the threats to the Great Barrier Reef. #freethereef

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About Jess Leitmanis

Jess is a creative, with a professional design career spanning over 10 years. Her area of expertise is in the rag trade. Many a daylight, and witching hour, she has spent refining visual language, creating graphics for the fashion world. The majority of her professional career has been spent working within the surf industry, for global boardriding lifestyle company, Quiksilver.

Jess balances her work with personal creative projects. Strong environmental themes are apparent in her art, though the governing principles are philosophical. Inspired by duality, she explores incongruity in modern thought and social constructs. The light and the dark. The jazz and the zen. Let us dance.

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