Zero Waste Travel Kit -  20% off RRP $147 now $117.60

Zero Waste Travel Kit - 20% off RRP $147 now $117.60

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Holiday not only in style but knowing you are doing your bit to keep the planet clean.   Our zero waste travel kit is the perfect gift for someone about to embark on an adventure or for yourself as you head off on your exciting journey.   At Earth Bottles we have learned through experience what your need for travel while minimising  your impact on the earth.    Great value and a great travel companion.  Why not take the challenge for a zero waste holiday!  Packaged in our beautiful gift box. 

1.  750 ml Earth Bottle.  Designed to keep your water cold all day while you are on the go.  If you would prefer a different colour to the pale wood just let us know in the notes at checkout.   Be an awesome eco warrior and refuse single use plastic bottles. 

2.  Coffee Nut -  Coffee is everything when you are travelling... well for us anyway.  This reusable coffee cup is stylish and keeps your drink warm for up to an hour and wont burn your fingers.   

3.  Straw Set.   Our set of 3 straws with cleaning brush are a perfect addition to your travel kit so you can refuse plastic straws on your travels.  

4.  Valor Deodorant Paste.   Lets face it.. nobody likes a stinky traveller.  This awesome deodorant paste by Shave With Valor keeps you smelling sweet while you explore the world.   No toxic chemicals or aluminium.  


5.  Winki Zinc Stick -  This zinc stick is the BOMB!  Made in Torquay on the surfcoast of Victoria this zinc contains no nasties,  is water resistant and is completely sustainable is paper packaging and is 100% natural.  


6. Earth Bottles Bamboo toothbrush - soft bristle bamboo handle toothbrush!

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