"Matcha made in Heaven" - Matcha Kultcha Tea pack with Tea Totty

"Matcha made in Heaven" - Matcha Kultcha Tea pack with Tea Totty


This Pack is a Matcha made in heaven (pardon the pun).

Our Matcha Kultcha pack comes with an Earth Bottles Pale Timber Tea Totty double insulated tea canister and a 40 gram tin of Ceremonial Grade Matcha - 100% pure, organic, hand picked, first harvested, carefully selected, traditionally cultivated Matcha from the green tea birthplace Uji, Japan.

The pack comes in our beautiful reusable cotton eco Earth Bottles shopper bag

Ingredients: 100% Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea

For more information about Match Kultcha Green Tea please visit https://www.matchakultcha.com/collections/premium-organic-matcha

Matcha Kultcha is about cultural inspiration and innovation in the tea industry. Bringing the essence of the traditional ancient Japanese tea culture to meet the new superfoods tea tribe generation creating a unique collectiveness.

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