Why buy an Earth Bottle?

Not all water bottles are created equal and there are so many bottles on the market with varying price points. So why buy an Earth Bottle?

Like anything, you get what you pay for. Earth Bottles are guaranteed to be made from 18/80 food grade stainless steel. Bottles are quality checked and if anything ever goes wrong with the functionality of your bottle as a manufacturing fault we will replace that bad boy quicker than you can flick us an email.  Not all bottles on the market are 100% food grade stainless steel and some even contain lead which is a really scary thought. Earth Bottles are completely safe and BPA and toxin free.

When we first began the company we worked feverishly to find a manufacturer who treated its workers like family and to ensure its staff were in a safe and healthy work environment. Yes, there were lots of other cheaper suppliers out there but finding a supplier with BSCI accreditation was a non negotiable for us.  The BSCI works with 19 external and independent auditing companies that are accredited by Social Accountability Accreditation Services. The Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) is a business-driven initiative for companies committed to improving working conditions in their international supply chains. BSCI unites hundreds of companies around one common Code of Conduct and supports them in their efforts towards building an ethical supply chain by providing them with a development-oriented system, applicable to all sectors and all sourcing countries.

When you are purchasing products particularly ones made in China (where all stainless steel water bottles are made) ask if the suppliers company you are buying from suppliers have a BSCI accreditation certificate. This way you know that your money is supporting ethical production practices.

Earth Bottles are 100% Australian owned and operated. We are a small team but run the company with serious passion. When you contact us you are dealing directly with our small team who have been with us since day one. We see ourselves as one big family and our customers are very much part of our family.

Earth Bottles has given tens of thousands of dollars to Australian and other charities abroad, and our mission through our Clean The Coast tour is to remove as much waste as possible from Australian and International beaches. We are committed and passionate about cleaning our planet for a more sustainable future.

Last year (2019) our Clean The Coast Tour with our co-founder Ash Grunwald and our good mate Paul Hellier from Fair Food Forager ran beach clean ups around the east coast of Australia.  It was a wonderful experience and we connected with hundreds of like minded people.  We removed 1700 kgs of trash from the beaches and waterways we targeted and teamed with 18 different partner groups such as Sea Shepheard,  Surfrider Foundation and more.  We are hitting the road again in 2020 to double those stats and get more people involved.

At Earth Bottles we give a shit. We are not here for the short term. We are creating a movement of likeminded people who care about our planet and want to make a difference. We walk our talk, our customers are our tribe, and our tribe is what we are all about. 

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