We asked Ash Grunwald Earth Bottles co founder 5 quick questions about being a Dad!

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Ash Grunwald is father of 2 beautiful girls, co-founder of Earth Bottles has a debut book Surf By Day Jam By Night about to be released as well as a brand new Album, Mojo about to hit the records stores in Australia and then embark on a national and international tour ( I am tired just thinking about all that)...
1.  How do you balance work, lifestyle and spending time with your kids?
Well I don’t go on as many surf trips as I used to.  I spend a lot of time outdoors with the kids.  We live at the beach in the Byron shire so we’ll walk over there most days and got for a surf, swim and and a play.  My oldest daughter Sunny is working on a podcast like her dad.  I love to try to get them into the kind of things that I’m doing. I feel like that's a natural way to spend time and ton educate them in life in a way that's just as valid as school. I make an effort to be present and not be on my phone all day when I’m hanging with them, because when I’m away, I’m away so I might as well be there when I’m there. But taking them on the road like we did for the Clean the Coast tour and having them involved in making this world a better place is the perfect education and makes my touring life so much better.
2.  When you head off on tour what is your number 1 item you don't leave home without?
Haha I promise this is not an Earth Bottles plug but I love my Tea Totty on the road. I’m passionate about it!!  I love arriving at the airport after a flight, going into the virgin lounge and getting a coffee in my tea Totty and a soda water in my earth bottle and then I've got hot coffee and crisp soda water as I got through the boring things like being in line for a hire car etc. By the time I get to my first interview or to the venue I've still got hot coffee and the best thing is, if your hands are full you can put a tea Totty in your back pocket!!!   
3.  What do you love to do most with the kids when you are home from tour?
Surfing together.  Helping coaching soccer.  Going off in the motor home. But really its just being together. Were spend a lot of time joking around. I’m a mega family man really. I spend so much time away that my basic rule of thumb is to spend as much time with the fam as possible. I said "yes" to a couple of free surf trips last year!!
4.  What is your advice for other Dad's wanting to be more eco friendly? 
Lead by example.  Kids are full of mirror neurones, much more than adults.  Meaning, they learn from copying.  Not from what you tell them.  Kinda scary actually…..
5.   The Clean the Coast tour with us at Earth Bottles, Fair Food Forager and yourself has been a huge success, the next two are Port Stephens and Merri Creek in Melbourne what drives you to want to do these clean ups? 
I can’t wait!!  Initially we did it to give something back to the community but I didn’t realise what an amazing feeling it is when everybody comes together for a common cause.  I love meeting other likeminded people and sharing their experiences and perspectives.
Ash's book "Surf By Day Jam By Night" was released today click the link to order your copy.

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