The best things about marine grade stainless steel pegs.

Pegs that will last for a lifetime.


In fact, if you play your pegs right you will be handing down your stainless steel pegs to your children and your children's children,  if they aren’t like my kids and fling them all over the yard. 

The reason we don’t find stainless steel pegs in supermarkets is because they want you to keep coming back for more.   They want you to buy things that wont last so you have to spend your money to replace your tired old plastic pegs that have either broken, gone rusty and stained your clothes and the spring has broken on them.   The wooden ones are much the same and just don’t last.   Every time we bring in a new product at Earth Bottles it is because it is a product that we want or need.   We look for the best product we can find and make it available to our customers, friends and families. 

Both of our Earth Bottles HQ’s are by the beach.  I live right next to the beach in Northern NSW and our main headquarters are in Torquay on the Surf Coast of Victoria.  Both immensely beautiful places but terrible spots for stuff to go rusty and disintegrate.   So always looking for solutions we started to do some research on stainless steel pegs.   As with most things there are varying degrees for quality of the pegs,  we decided to go for the highest quality which is certainly not the cheapest but we found that the marine grade 316 Stainless Steel pegs will last forever and wont rust.    Some more little facts about marine grade stainless steel pegs are. 


  • Made from one piece of wire so they do not require a spring so therefore they won’t break.
  • They won’t burn your fingers.
  • They won’t rust.
  • They WILL last forever and have a lifetime warranty.
  • They do not mark your clothes.
  • Can be used to hang things
  • Are great for windy days.
  • Make a great gift.
  • Are zero waste


Here are some facts about pegs. 


-Plastic pegs are not recyclable and will definitely end up in landfill.

- Plastic pegs last usually only 12-18 months. 

- Plastic pegs are required to buy regularly due to breakages. 

- Plastic pegs are no good for the environment.

- Plastic pegs look ugly.



Jump on our website to purchase your Earth Bottles marine grade stainless steel pegs that will last a lifetime. 

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  • Heather Black (On Shara) on

    Dani, desperately seeking good price on pegs for flood towns mainly Woodburn n Coraki. Do you have any in stock, please?

  • hKkgbGpIaHEW on




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