Laura Wells give us her top tips to go plastic free!

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In March 2018 our CEO Danni Carr took part in the Plastic Free Creatives session as part of the Emergence Creative Festival hosted in Margaret River, WA. 

Essentially a large group of people workshopped ideas of how to spread the message of plastic pollution and how to encourage people to go plastic free.  We came up with the slogan "Break up with plastic"  a play on words stemming from  the fact that plastic never breaks down it just breaks up in to micro plastics and that we need to give it away as a society.   

When only a fraction of plastics are actually being recycled and when are oceans and marine life are literally full of plastic it is time is to embark on our best efforts to not use plastics in the first place.  

We want to start a movement with the use of the hashtag  #breakupwithplastic and #plasticfreepledge. 

We are asking people to "break up with plastic" and pledge to go plastic free by July 1st.

As a part of the Launch of our plastic free pledge kit (available online now!!) we are interviewing some amazing people who always do their little bit. This week Danni interviewed the awesome Laura Wells. Laura is an ocean ambassador, model and marine biologist. Laura is also our brand ambassador and is working constantly on promoting a plastic free lifestyle.

Laura says "There are so many simple behavioural changes we can make day to day that will help benefit the ocean and the terrestrial ecosystems around us."

Here are Laura's top tips to go plastic free

Single-use plastics are one of the biggest polluters in terms of plastic in our oceans. Reducing the use and habit of relying on these will make a huge difference and make you feel like a kick-ass human at the same time. So quit the habit and switch to reusables. Ditch the following:

  1. Plastic bags: opt for cloth reusable bags
  2. Plastic single use water bottles: get a reusable stainless bottle instead.
  3. Plastic cutlery: take a set of cutlery with you in your bag. 
  4. Plastic straws: straws suck, just ask for 'no straw please' or get yourself a stainless steel one!
  5. Disposable coffee cups (the internal is lined with plastic and the lid is made from plastic): using a reusable coffee cup for your daily coffee will help send less plastic to landfill and less greenhouses gases into the atmosphere. 
  6. Ditch the thin plastic bags at the supermarket and put the veggies and fruit in your trolley naked or take your reusable veggie bags.
  7. Microfibres from our synthetic clothes enter the ocean when we wash them. Try and buy natural materials such as organic cotton or hemp. Wash in cold water, wash your clothes less or purchase a 'guppy friend' bag from Patagonia where you can pop your synthetic clothes in a bag then place in the washing machine. The bag that will collect the microfibres and you can dispose of appropriately.   
  8. Go tea-bag less. Purchase loose-leaf tea and use a diffuser. People don't usually realise but those tea-bags actually have plastic in them. 
  9.  Contact your favourite companies and ask them to ship or pack their items without plastic. It can take just one person to educate others who don't realise about the plastic pollution issue. Your voice counts so use it! 


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