How to set up a functional and beautiful office space at home

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With working from home becoming the new norm, it is important to set up a space for yourself that you can work in, that is functional and can be productive to your work. Working from home has its challenges and it is so easy to get distracted with other things, especially in today's climate with the kids at home too!


To try and create a beautiful and functional work space for yourself, this can not only increase productivity but can set you up for work success.


Our 5 top tips for creating a work from home space


  1. Choose your space wisely

When creating a work space choose the area you set up in wisely. This may be a constant dedicated space you work in away from hustle and bustle of your house (where you can’t see the dishes piling up and the loads of washing there to fold) or you may wish to change your space up to suit your daily needs (setting up near your children while they build Lego or watch a movie). It is important to make this space work for you!


  1. Keeping your space tidy and organised

Keeping your work space clutter free and organised can also help your mind to keep clutter free and organised. Set your space up with intention, keeping your paperwork together, having pens and stationary within a hands reach, have your charges for your phone and computer ready to go. This allows for less interruptions and stopping and starting. Tidy up cables and have a dedicated bin near your work area where you can get rid of your rubbish straight away.

Remember that your organised might look a little different to other peoples organised but make it work for you!


  1. Add some green to your space

Adding some plants to your work space not only makes your space look beautiful and brings a sense of tranquility but there are so many other awesome reasons to add a little green to your home office space. It also can improve the indoor air quality, can reduce stress, increase productivity, filter noise and make the room feel more comfortable and can remind you of the environment and nature.


  1. Add personality to your space

Create a space to inspire you and make it a space you love to be. Add some personality to your space by putting up inspirational quotes, photos of loved ones or places you would like to travel to or have been. Put up awards you have won, or add crystals or notes from friends of loved ones. Having all these things around can create a warmth to your home office and a space you want to be in.


  1. Think eco

When setting up your space, think eco. Set up your space if you can in an area with a lot of natural light. This will stop the constant putting on of lights when you are in the office. If you can set up your home office space near a window where natural light and heat from the sun can shine through the window.  Try to refill your printer cartridges and only print if 100% necessary. Use recycled eco paper where possible and buy rechargeable batteries if you are using wireless devices. 

 Some tips for transitioning to working from home...

Some of you may have easily transitioned in to work from home. For others it may just be starting up right now.   For some of us it's a huge shift,  having to deal with now being a stay at home parent,  a home schooler,  an employee or employer and juggling all this can be pretty overwhelming.  

One key thing is to be flexible and find your flow times. If you have a lot of reading to do and can't be disturbed and you're a morning person then find a time before the kids come up when you can sit quietly and get through your list of the harder stuff or the main tasks that need doing, alternatively at night after kids are in bed. 
But the most important thing is to be flexible and chat with your employer about how your new situation looks for you and the need for flexibility is really important right now. 
Plan your day out the night before. A plan is the best way to get control. Put pen to paper and map out how you want your day to look with a list of the 5 most important things that need doing.  
If things are really slow for your business like it is with ours at the moment. Use this time to plan strategies on moving forward when this crisis ends (and it will end).  Think about how your company can best serve your customers and clients when they are getting back up on their feet.   
Do some online courses that can help you up-skill and become an asset to your company. There are so many free resources online that you can use to learn some new skills. But research your field and plan to be a leader in your field.  Knowledge is power. 
Focus on one thing at a time.  If you are elbows deep in kids online lessons don't be taking calls for your company or trying to send important emails. 
One thing at a time is all we are truly capable of. Every job be it, being a Mum or Dad, cooking for the kids, running a company or sending an email are all equally important jobs and you want to give each one of those things the best you have got. So focus on the job at hand.   
When the kids are finally set up and don't need your attention as much is the time to find a quiet space and get back to work. Again,  it's all about being flexible.  
Lastly,  remember we are all doing this together and we are all doing the best we can. Some will totally excel in the working at home environment while others will find it the greatest challenge of their life and long for their organised office space free from kids, Jimmy Giggle in the background and staring at your dirty windows all day long.   
You will get back to your happy space again eventually but now step up to the challenge and just do the best you can.  
Remember you can't control your external circumstances but you can control the way you react to them.  

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