How To Host Your Own Beach Clean Up.

beach clean earth bottles How to host a beach clean up

I have been getting lots of emails lately on how people can go about hosting their own beach clean ups, so I have put this blog together to give you some inspo.  We have also put together a downloadable PDF for you to add your own time and location to make your life easy.   It's a really super fun thing to do that makes you feel good as well.   Earth Bottles is going to donate to anyone who hosts a clean up a prize pack of EB goodies to anyone who hosts a clean up around Australia. 

Here are our tips... 

How to host your own beach clean up. 


  1. Pick a date and time that is handy for most people. We find Saturday mid mornings are a great time. 
  2. Spread the word... Harness your social media prowess and create an event on Facebook and post on your Instagram.  If you don’t have those then jump on the phone and invite people.  We have a PDF you can download to make a poster (please print on eco friendly and recycled paper).   It might be a good idea to let the local council know what you are intending on doing.
  3. Get organised. Once you have an idea of who is coming you can ask people to BYO or offer some biodegradable or reusable gloves and bin bags.  Bunnings offer a good range of eco friendly bin bags and gloves.   
  4. Make it fun. People want to have fun on your clean ups so ask some local businesses if they want to get involved.  We often ask a local yoga teacher to start with a short 30 min yoga class or mediation as a donation.   Offer up prizes from local businesses that are willing to participate.  Play some sweet tunes to create a vibe..
  5. Set a time limit.. we usually find 1-1.5 hours is a perfect amount of time..
  6. Sort it.. Once we have finished our clean ups we lay all of our rubbish out on a tarp and start sorting in to groups. ie; plastic bags, water bottles, straws, general rubbish, food packaging etc.. This is great so that passer’s by can see what you have found but also for your own documentation. You can add photos to your social pages and then at the end let people know exactly how much of everything you have found. This is a really great way to inspire not only yourself and your team on your hard work but to passers by or people that may be checking it out from your socials.   Also if you decide to make an annual or monthly thing you can compare your stats. 
  7. Get rid of it. Once you have sorted the waste please dispose of it thoughtfully in a council bin near by or take it the local refuse centre. We often end our clean ups with some kind of celebration.  You could ask a local muso to put on a bit of a show for you and your team or maybe have a plastic free picnic.  Pat yourself on the back and soak in all the good feels for doing something of service for your community and your planet.  YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION!   

Legendary surfer Jim Banks comes to help out at Each Beach, Bali clean up.

Legendary Surfer Jim Banks comes down to lend us a hand at Echo Beach, Bali clean up. 



     Some of what we have found on our clean ups... 

    To download our pdf go to

    Link to download the Beach Clean Up poster

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