Earth Bottles removes 1700kg of trash from Australian waterways!!

We are pretty impressed with our numbers from our Clean The Coast Tour 2019 which was a joint effort with our co-founder Ash Grunwald and Paul Hellier from the Fair Food Forager ap. 

To make it all happen we teamed up with local organisations to organise the beach clean ups. 

In total we had 1120 volunteers and 18 partner groups who included Sea Shephard,  Surfrider Foundation,  Seaside Scavange,  Seabird Rescue and many many more. 

We used the Tangaroa Blue ap to collate and record what we had picked up.   We recycled what we could and what couldn’t be recycled sent to landfill.   Interestingly we found the cigarette butts were one of the main sources of litter.   We literally removed thousands and thousands of them around carparks mostly but also in the sand.   Cigarette butts are a serious problem for seabirds and turtles giving them nicotine poison and killing them.  People also tend to think that the filters are made from paper or cotton when in fact they are also made from plastic.   We will be contacting all councils suggesting that they have signage in the car parks with this information and bins for the butts to be disposed of.  The second largest offender was from fishing bait and tackle equipment such as Tweed Bait Bags and fishing line as well as lots of soft plastics in general litter. 

We are hitting the road again with more clean ups in 2020  with the first one being in  Gosford area please see any of our websites for details.

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