Call to Action Earth Bottle lovers and eco enthusiasts 


Our friend Senator Peter Whish-Wilson has introduced the “Product Stewardship Amendment (Packaging and Plastics) Bill 2019”. 


We recommend you take a look at the entire document 

 The bill states that it will establish; 

“a mandatory product stewardship scheme for manufacturers, importers and distributors of consumer packaging and certain single-use plastics; and prescribes targets, prohibitions, design requirements, labelling requirements, and financial contributions in relation to packaging and products identified under the scheme”.


The bill is largely modelled off the European Union Directive passed be the European Parliament in March 2019 by a majority of 560 to 35, and was formally adopted by the Council of the European Union (EU) in May 2019.


Product bans for certain single-use plastic products and plastic packaging:

·         Lightweight plastic bags by 2021.

·         Products containing microbeads by 2021.

·         6-pack plastic rings by 2023.

·         Non-compostable straws and stirrers by 2023.

·         Non-compostable cutlery and utensils by 2023.

·         Non-compostable plates and bowls by 2023.

·         Cotton buds by 2023.

·         Sticks for balloons by 2023.

·         Expanded polystyrene containers and cups by 2023.


Now its our turn to add our voice to get this through. Lets let our MP’s and Senators know we want them to support these amendments.
Use the image to find your local governments phone number to call and ask to ban single use plastics

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