5 tips to staying positive during lockdown

1.  Always wanted to start a meditation practise?  Now is the time!!  This is my lifeline right now,  I have always had a strong meditation practise and when I don't feel like doing it I know that's when I NEED to do it.  
  • Controls Anxiety. Less stress translates to less anxiety. ...
  • Promotes Emotional Health. ...
  • Enhances Self-Awareness. ...
  • Lengthens Attention Span. ...
  • May Reduce Age-Related Memory Loss. ...
  • Can Generate Kindness. ...
  • May Help Fight Addictions.
There are so many free resources online at the moment you can start with guided meditations to really help you focus if you are a newbie.   For me,  I focus on my breath for a least ten breaths,  then I inhale and on my outbreath a do a silent "Om",  for a least ten breaths.  Start to let your muscles go.  If your mind starts to go places don't worry and slowly come back to your breath and your Om.  Start with 5 minutes and see how you go.   When you get in to that yummy place just enjoy.. And when thoughts come in gently go back to your breath.   
2.  Cut back on alcohol consumption. 
 I know this sounds boring but alcohol is one hell of a way to get you feeling anxious and out of control. 
Now is the time to feel focused and confident.   Our founder Ash Grunwald has an awesome podcast  Soulful Conversations which was released yesterday with Scott Owen (bass player extraordinaire from The Living End)  which covers the positives of quitting the booze.  Click the link to listen here
3.  Get moving. 
Even with the current lockdown rules or if you are in isolation there a loads of free youtube 10 minute work outs you can do. 
Or even make yourself a really easy and do-able daily routine.  Mine at the moment was from my friend Ashely Freeman who got me doing 10 squats, 10 push ups and 10 crunches and repeat ten times.   Sounds easy.. but it's a total killer!!!
I can only get up to 6 rounds at the moment but I am working my way up.   See if you have any friends who want to take the challenge with you.   Click to try here
4.  Remember to breathe. 
 I found myself all last week have some serious dizzy spells... When I ruled out that I didn't have caronavirus I realised it was stress and that I wasn't breathing.  So I have put little signs up around the house on sticky notes,  on the toilet,  in the bathroom,  on my computer,  on my fridge to remind me to breathe.   
Breath deep in to your stomach and slowly release your breathe.   Another great one my friend Brooke showed is a breathing technique she calls square breathing.. I am sure there is a more technical name but that's what we call it.  Breathe in for four.  Hold for four.  Exhale for four.   Hold for four.  Repeat four times. 
This one is awesome and is extremely relaxing.  I also use it if I am feeling emotionally charged and need to make some decisions.  
For the more adventurous there is Wim Hoff breathe technique. Wim Hoff is a bit "out there" but his breathing technique has been validated scientifically to  massively boosting the immune system and stress reducing and many other benefits.   click to listen here 
5.  Journaling
Sometimes journaling is the LAST this I want to do.   Right behind meditation,  but as soon as I start I LOVE IT.    I usually start my journal with 5 things I am grateful for that day.   My 3 intentions for the day and 10 "I ams..." ,  master spiritual teacher Wayne Dyer says we are the words that follow the statement I am...  so start declaring I am powerful,  I am in control,  I am perfect health, I am happy,  I am loving this time with my family.   
We even get the kids on all this as well and it sets your day up right.   Start journaling your ideas for business,  or for you health or how you want your life to look and how you are going to get yourself there.  I promise you this will help you feel more powerful,  more proactive and more in control.   
Remember we are all in this together.   We are all doing it tough.  We are all worried.   But we WILL get through this time!!  We WILL come through this as much better humans that we went in to it.  
We have been so heartened by the outpouring of support from friends, customers, and family during this time and we want to pass that love on to you all.  
I am sure you have noticed the massive sale we have going at the moment which we are doing to keep some revenue rolling in so that we can stay open and hopefully continue with the good work we have done in the past but we need your help.  
We know funds are tight for a lot of people so if you don't have the means to purchase feel free to pass the discount on to your friends and family.   As you know Earth Bottles offer amazing and high quality products,  not just water bottles,  we have plant based phone cases,  new marine grade stainless straw sets and all sorts of eco goodies.     ebfamily50
Just like Covid19 this time won't last forever and I am sure we will all pull through this more resilient and more united and living a more sustainable life.  

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